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"Georgian Express" Ltd

International Shipping and Expedition Agreement


Service Terms

General conditions:

-after getting familier with the documentations the customer ( physical or legal entity, who on the basis of the agreement or on the basis of the system registration of  “Georgian Express” Ltd uses the service of  “Georgian Express” Ltd ) automatically agrees to the service terms:

 1. Term interpretation

1.1      customer: any physical or legal entity ( person who has reached the full legal age , age from 18 years  and above) who uses the service of “Georgian Express” Ltd .

1.2 executors: the company “Georgian Express” Ltd, who maintains the transportation of the goods from USA to Georgia that are entered to the storehouse of “Georgian Express” Ltd.

1.3     executor is the partner company of USA  “Georgian Express” Ltd that receives parcels from USA, processes them and transports to Georgia.  

 2. The subject of the agreement

2.1     customer obliges and executor is obliged to accomplish transportation of the goods that are located in the storehouse of the partner company from USA to Georgia by air, all of which is accomplished by the customer request and the executor accomplishes the shipping service on its behalf and on the expense of the customer.  

2.2     the registration process in “Georgian Express” Ltd is for free and voluntary. Registration is accomplished on the following web-site Using the service of “Georgian Express” Ltd,  means that customer gives consent to the conditions fo the given agreement only when he/she gets familier with it:

2.3       the company “Georgian Express” Ltd ensures international the transportaon of the products that are purchased from online shops ( legal and physical entities) that are sent to Georgia , the products that are  foreseen by the legislation of Georgia. First the things that are purchased from online shops  ( legal and physical entities) are send to the head office located in USA and afterward they are transported to Georgia twice a weeks.

2.4     the parcels are send from USA to Georgia twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Issuing the parcels are done only after two days of their arraivel. The exact receiveing date of the goods are given on the web site in the section of the flights schedule that is given in your personal profile.

 3. The price of transportation. Adjustment of the weight and rules for payment.

3.1 calculation of the transportation price

1) Calculation of the transportation price in only accomplished on the basis fo the real weight except the things that have special dimensions.  

2)    Adjustment of the mass of the parcel is made till 100 gr, minimal weight consists fo 100 gr.

3)    Real mass: real mass is calculated according to the real mass so called on the basis of its physical weight.  

3.2     transportation cost consists of 1 (one) kg -6.5 USD according to the calculation formula given in 3.1 article. Payment is accomplished in the national currency in the bank of “Cartu Bank”, on the company account number on the basis of the USD currency that is given for that day. 

3.3      payment between the parties are accomplished after 5 (five dyas) of the arraival fo the parcel and issuing the invoice , in case of overdue date parcel is under the charge that consists of 1% of the price fo the parcel for every missed day.

3.4      obliged payment is accomplished only by the payemtn methods that are given on the  web site, otherwise executor is not responsible for the delivery of the parcel and for the repayment. 

3.5     customer pays the amount on the basis of the invoice that is issued by the expeditor , the price that is calculated from the individual parcel in case of shipment.  

3.6     in case if there is debt on the account of the customer separate items are not recived before the full payment of the debt.

3.7    in case if the price for the transportation is not covered within the 15 calendar days after the arrival of the parcel then the owner of the parcel will be warranted by the written way and if during the five (5) calendar days she/he still does not cover the transportation payment then the parcel becomes the ownership of the company and the customer is charged with the fine on the basis of the 3.3 article.  

3.8       if the parcel/or item exceeds the weight of 50 kg then the company has the right tostop the shipment of the items and  request the advance   payment.  

3.9     the price of the transportation can be changed increased or decreased in case if other air transportation tariffs changes that makes changes fo the prices about which the customer will be informed by the executor.

 4. Packaging of the parcels

4.1     any item that enters the storehouse of  “Georgian Express” Ltd passed the packaging procedure that decreases the size which means the removal fo the original package and packing items in more compact small sized packages. The size shrinking does not apply to the fragile things such as electronic devices, guitar, computer and other fragile items. 

4.2     the manufacturing box is not removed and also the isolating and securing materials are not removed.  

4.3   The clothes that enter in the box are transferred to bags and are calculated on the basis of the real mass.

4.4    in case of using the repacking   service that are voluntary made or turned off from the mail panel , in case of general packing or placing the shoes into the bag in any way company is not responsible for any damages applied by such selection of the packing.

 5. Customer or client

5.1   customer is obliged for declaring the parcel on the web-site of the executor not later then 2 (two ) calendar days placed on the control panerl of the customer.

5.2     by the expeditor request within five (5) calendar days deliver the appropriate notices about the parcel and give the indications that are necessary for the registration process of the items. Deliver the necessary information to the custom service and other for other executions. Also customer must transfer to the expeditor all the necessary documentations that prove the reality of the notices, otherwise executor is not responsible for the damages applied to the parcel.

5.3    customer is obliged if the type of the parcel requires it, to pack it in appropriate way, otherwise executor is not responsilbel for the damages applied to the parcel.  

5.4    user is obliged after the ordering the item to give the correct price of the item that is placed on the site of the “Georgian Express” Ltd and also the composition of the item, from the personal account of the online shop. Company is not responsible for the correctness of the given information and all the liabilities are on the user. 

5.5 customers must foresee that on account it is necessary to fill the empty form despite the fact that item is or not under location, anyway it is necessary to fll the price of the product, online shop and short description of the item. Otherwise the executor is not responsible for late arraival of the item or for its late delivery.

5.6 customers are only passes the declaration process on our web site by filling the personal account.

5.7   It is forbidden that user orders the item for other person using his/her “room number”, to the person who is not registered in our system. In such case the item transferes to the problematic list and its delivery will be delayed for indefinite time.

5.8 customers are obliged to check the composition of the item before its delivery. After the exiting the office no any pretensions are received.

 6. Rights and obligations of the executor

6.1 companies are obliged for the undamged transportation of the parcel from USA to Georgia and not for items quality or composition. In case if the item is damaged during the transportation process company compensates the cost of the item for which the customer must represent the purchase documentation of the item , the tracking code applied by the USA post company , and in case of purchasing item in the shop customer must represent the extract or any same document. The compensation of the damages is made according to the given price that is shown in the information bases within the 14 calendar days of the pretensions.

6.2   Any pretensions connected to the compensation that are applied to the damages of the item or its losing are discussed within 14 calendar days. Pretension must be made in the written form and incase of any dispute and not negotiation the case is foreseen by the legislation of the Georgia, by the Court.  

6.3 companies are not responsible for the time of the delivery from online shops to the head office located in USA and for losing the item during this delivery process. The “Georgian Express” ltd is responsible for the item only after it enters the head office and are given to the employee of the company.

6.4  In case if the American address of “Georgian Express” is used by not registered person then the company is not responsible for the establishment of the identity of the owner and obligations of delivery to the owern or any damages.    

6.5  company is not responsible for the correctness of the information filled by the customer and so no any pretensions are accepted that are connected to this.

6.6   if the customer’s item does note enter the USA office due to the fault of online shop or if online shop cancels the order company is not responsible for any losses or damages.

6.7  executor is obliged to transport the customers item from the head office that is located in USA. Every 1-3 days, item that enter the office from Tuesday to Friday and Friday to Monday.  

6.8   average transportation date consists from 3-5 days.

6.9   Executor is not responsible if the aviacompany changes the flight schedules or cancels the flights all of which arrest the arraivel of the parcel.    

 7. Rules for declaration of the items and making the customer clearance

7.1 customer is responsible to make declaration of his/her item on the web-site of the executor using panel instructions by the title “ How to make declarations of the item”.  

7.2 For any information that is given in the declaration the customer is responsible for.

7.3    It is necessary to make the declarations of the parcel so that the item is not arrested at the customs clearance and for which the executor is not responsible.  

7.4    for the custom clearance and VAT and on time payment is responsible the customer.  

7.5   in case if the customer does not pay for the fee, can not fit in appropriate terms ( payment of the fees), gave the incorrect information about the executor in the declaration, if the customer clearance or Ministry of finance charged the the penalty sanctions due to the partial or full unfulfilment of the obligations by the customer infornt of the company and on the basis of incorrect information  , then the “Georgian Express” Ltd preserves the right to charge the customer with 100% penalty payment.

7.6 Invoice of transportation cost is sent to Tbilisi during the delivery of the parcel.

 8. Force major

8.1    Given flights are not fixed and so company is not responsible for any force major conditions, for delay of the flights ( for example: heavy meteorologic conditions, canceling flights, change of the schedules of the flights and so forth), also holidays and overloaded shipments.

 9. Limited and forbidden items

9.1  Below given items are forbidden to be transported or are limited, in case of shipment of the forbidden things by the customer “Georgian Express” Ltd is not responsible for transportation of the forbidden items into Georgia or for the confiscation process accomplished by the foreign country.

9.2    list of the forbidden items.  

- alcohol, flammable items;
- pneumatic weapons ;
- Bio aromatizators;
-lead, military and hunting aims;  
- pornography ; 
- perishable products; 
- stuffed animal, bones, fur;
- real coins;  
- tobacco, products containing narcotics

- toxic components 
- arbalet, arrows,  bow

9.3   in case if the customer sends forbidden or limited items to the American address of “Georgian Express” Ltd then the company is not responsible for returning of this items back to online shop or any physical entity. For such breaching customer is  charged .

 10. Other limitations and conditions

10.1 all the information that is given on the given web site is correct and true and represents the integral part of the agreement. Sevice conditions represents the agreement between the customer and the company all of which is accepted after pressing the button on the web site that is titles as “accept”, 

10.2  if the customer gives the USA address incorrectly then the company is not responsible for parcel transportation from USA to Georgia.     The address must be written in such correct form that is given in the electronal form.

10.3     “Georgian Express” Ltd only is responsible for the conditions that are given web site.  

10.4    “Georgian Express” Ltd has the right to record the communications with the customer or remember by internet, telecomunnication or video observatory system, chat or phone, facebook or block comments, all of which can be used for the reason of protection of the company in case of desputes or court procedures.

10.5      customer agrees that the information that is necessary for receiving the parcel is correct ( personal identity card, passport, bank extract) for which is customer obliged.  

10.6    company has the right in advance inform the customer without the agreement change the service delivery terms , tariffs, cancel the service with the customer.  

10.7       no any changes are made after registration of the customer his/her name or surname.

10.8    right and obligations of the parties are regulated by the legislation of Georgia.

10.9     integral part of the any rules and terms given on the web site  represents the information for which company is not responsible;  

10.10 given rules and conditions are applied to all of the customers that use serviceof  “Georgian Express” ltd.

10.11 in case of breaching of any rules of conditions pretensions are not accepted.

 11. Courier service

11.1    free courier service. Around Tbilisi after 2 days of payment of the invoice. To accomplish the courier service in the parameters must be marked the courier service.    

11.2      About the standard courier service.

In case of late payemtn of the invoices send by “Georgian Express” Ltd to the customer within 3 days no courier service are applied.

11.3  only once  does the  courier deliver the item to the address that is shown in the system.

11.4       from the web site the address can be changed before the parcel arraives.

11.5     parcel is deliverd only to the building or place of work. No any courier brings the parcel to the floor of the buildings.  

11.6       if the owner of the parcel does not meet the courier or does not answer the phone then item is taken back to the office and owern himself/herself must come and take owned parcel. 

11.7    in case of courier service selection must be marked by the customer the “courier delivery” that is given in the control panel, any changes in address must be corrected before the parcel is shipped.  

11.8       to receive the parcel following documents must be present: personal identity card or passport that is given on the parcel;

11.9     certification of the delivery is accomplished by representing the documents of certifying the identity of the customer and by signing the acceptance delivery act or signature applied on the electronic device.  

11.10  courier service in the regions are made in special working days.

11.11  no courier service in accomplished in Tbilisi for the 5kg parcel that arraives on one flight.

11.12  in case of force major condition, customer in advance is delivered the notification about the courier service and if customer wished to use it she/he must select the button in his/her control panel.  

11.13  free or not free courier services are accomplished during working days and hours.

 12. transfer of the parcel to third person

1)    transfer of the parcel to third entity can be accomplished after representing the personal identity card of the customer and his/her own, also passport. No any photo copies of the identity card or passport are accepted without the original document.

2)    also consents certified by the  notaries are also accepted.

  13. Confidentiality

13.1     any information that is preserved  at the base of the “Georgian Express” ltd and any information about customer represents the subject for confidentiality.  

13.2  no any third person receives information about the customer without the court decision.